Midnight in the Mountains

Cover-Bright CleanIn a joyful celebration of both the mountains and winter, a young girl recounts and anticipates a memorable family holiday.  This is her first night in a mountain cabin, and although her parents and her brother are asleep, she is excited and wakeful. As the fire burns to embers she listens to the sounds of the winter night: the rustle of owl’s wings, the rush of a frozen stream. As she listens, she also remembers the daytime fun of making snow angels and dogsledding on the lake, and looks forward to the next day’s adventure.





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Midnight in the Mountains Reviews

Calgary Herald

Julie Lawson lovingly punctuates each snow-bright daylight adventure with a lyrical moment in the hush of night. Sheena Lott complements each vignette, alternating light and shadow to emphasize the dramatic difference between the mountains by day and by night. A perfect story to share on a cold winter’s night when you can hear “the crackle of stars.”

Quill & Quire

This is a beautiful book. The language is simple yet lyrical, perfectly conveying the meditative mood of the story … The rhythmic text carries the reader along, linking each page verbally with the next. Sheena Lott’s stunning watercolour illustrations match the impressionistic mood of the text. Alternating between night and daytime scenes, they capture both the joyful sunlit world and the quiet mystery of the night. This is a book for young and old, but particularly for those who love mountains, midnight and snow.

</p> <p>MacLean’s Magazine

Julie Lawson’s poetic text and Sheena Lott’s lovely watercolours make this book a spectacular success.

Author & Illustrator

Julie Lawson is the award-winning author of some thirty books for children and young adults. Her books have received critical acclaim, numerous nominations and awards, and glowing reports from hundreds of young readers. A  former elementary school teacher, Julie balances her time between presenting in schools and libraries throughout the country, travelling the world, and writing from her home in Victoria, Canada.

Sheena Lott has had a very successful 25 year career in art.  This busy artist combines gallery exhibitions and children’s book illustration. Her painterly watercolours and oils express her love of the outdoors and coastal lifestyle. She was nominated for the Amelia Francis Howard Award for illustration for “Midnight in The Mountains”

Skii White


Midnight in the Mountains, nomination for Amelia Francis Howard Award for illustration